CreateApp release notes
CreateApp release notes

Version 4.0





E-Store Multiple Product Variations & Options

  • This is a significant overhaul improvement to our E-Store module.
  • We have implemented product variations & options features where merchants can create configurable products without any limitation.
  • We have improved the stock management system to handle multiple product variations & options. Each product with variations can choose to have its own SKU and stock control.

Food-Ordering Self Pickup & Delivery options

  • We have developed newly revamped Self Pickup & Delivery options for the Food Ordering module.
  • The merchant can now select either one of the options or both of them.
  • We have improved the user interface and user experience for both apps and the dashboard.

Google Maps Autocomplete Address Integration

  • We have replaced manual longitude/latitude options with Google Maps Autocomplete Address option.
  • The merchant can now quickly enter the address, and the system will suggest the complete address and fetch the location.
  • We have integrated Google Maps Autocomplete address in "Around Us", "Events", "Real Estate", "Proximity Location" modules

Google Fonts Integration

  • We have integrated the complete Google Fonts library into our Looks & Feel Section.
  • Merchants now have more than 1000+ Font Faces to select for their App.

Dynamic Global Font Size

  • We have implemented the dynamic font sizes that detect and set accordingly based on the user's phone/tablet screen size.

Line Integration

  • We have integrated Line messaging services to the Contact Us module.

Lazy Load & Shimmer Effect Implementation

  • We have implemented a new loading handler to optimize the loading experience for all the contents.

Support Service Desk Widget

  • We launched the Support Portal last few months ago. We have now integrated a service desk widget for our merchants to submit the support tickets right from the dashboard.





E-Store - Receipt Attachment for Bank Transfer Method

  • Merchant and customer can now view payment receipt for the bank transfer method as an attachment in the order notification/confirmation email.

E-store - Orders detail - Print & Download Invoice

  • We have implemented print & download invoice features on the E-store Order details page. Now merchant can access all the order invoices in PDF format from the dashboard.

Global - Header Design & Rows Enhancement

  • We have added configurable options for Header Design & Rows. Now merchant can change the header icon colour and row options such as line thickness, line colour and navigation icon colour.

Menu Categories Character Limit increased

  • We have increased the character limit for menu categories and handles multi-lines if exceeded the space.

Clipboard Access

  • We have now enabled clipboard access to the entire dashboard. User can now copy and paste when they add contents.

Contact Us Module Enhancements

  • We have improved UI/UX for Contact Us Module.

Publishing Details page Enhancement for iOS Apps

  • We have updated the publishing details page for the iOS Apps for the latest iOS version.

Map direction/routing Optimization

  • We have improved google maps direction and routing when calculating the current location & the destination place.





Global - Currency Decimal Fixes

  • We have matched and standardized all the currency decimal positions.