CreateApp release notes
CreateApp release notes

Version 3.8.0





iOS 13 compatibility updates

  • We have upgraded our core iOS platform to support iOS13.

iPhone X and above devices compatibility updates

  • All of the modules screens have been updated to compatible with iPhone X and above devices.
  • We have also implemented notch support for iPhone X and above devices.

Android API level 28 compatibility updates

  • We have upgraded our core Android platform to support Android API level 28.

Android Go' and 'Android 9' devices compatibility updates

  • We have added the compatibility support for Android Go and 9 devices.

Rupiah currency display enhancement

  • We have removed decimal points for rupiah currency and added comma for every hundred.

WhatsApp integration at 'Contact Us' module

  • We have integrated WhatsApp call features at "Contact Us" Module. Now app creator can enter the WhatsApp mobile number to enjoy the features.

Shipping and Express shipping enhancement

  • We have revamped shipping methods at the E-store and Food ordering module for better user experience.
  • We have also made shipping and express shipping as optional for the merchants who don't require shipping options.

GST (Goods Service Tax) % enhancement

  • We have added the condition to hide GST (Goods Service Tax) % row if the product/order are not eligible for GST at "E-store" and "Food Ordering" module.

New background option for Home screen

  • We have implemented a "fill" and "contain" background image options at Home screen

Bottom menu loading Enhancement

  • We have optimized bottom menu loading in the app.

Map routing enhancement

  • We have optimized the map routing enhancement for better user experience.
  • Smart zoom level adjustment has been implemented based on the browsing device's width and height.
  • Current location and drop pin location has been improved for better user experience.

Upgrade versioning system

  • We have improved our versioning system for the platform and also released to the public for better visibility.
  • We have developed a new preview kit download page with the details of the changelog.