CreateApp release notes
CreateApp release notes

Version 3.9.2





Version 3.9.2 is a hotfix release.

Google Admob interstitial ads improvement fixes

  • We have updated the way that we have served Google Admob interstitial ads (full-screen ads) for better performance.

Form wizard loading time improvement

  • We have optimized the form wizard loading time for better performance.

Image Gallery loading time improvement

  • We have optimized the image gallery loading time for better performance.

Database datatype fix

  • We have fixed all of our database datatypes to UTF-8 to accept all the Unicode characters.

E-store CSV Chinese characters fix

  • We have fixed a bug when importing CSV in Chinese characters at E-Store module.

Link to home module fix

  • We have fixed a bug where the link to home module is not working properly.

Youtube Fullscreen fix (Android)

  • In some android devices, YouTube videos can't enlarge to full-screen and we have fixed a bug in this version.

Real Estate module price field removed restrictions

  • We have removed a number validation from the price field of Real Estate module to give more flexibility to the merchant who would like to enter price in the text form.

Version 3.9.1





Version 3.9.1 is a hotfix release.

Android API level 29

  • We have upgraded our android API target level to version 29 for Android version 10, which introduces a large number of privacy-based changes and restrictions.

Publishing Details page Enhancement

  • We have separated iOS and Android publishing details page for better user experience.
  • We have added new publishing information fields to comply with the latest changes in the App Store and Play Store.

Version 3.9.0





AWS Instance Upgrade & House Keeping

  • We have upgraded our AWS instances to accelerating computing instances for better performance and availability.
  • We have performed our quarterly housekeeping works on our EC2, RDS, S3 Glacier services.

Removed UIWebView and update iOS library/pods

  • We have removed UIWebView and updated all of our iOS library/pods to comply with iOS13 updates.

Italian Language

  • We have added the Italian language to our dashboard as well as to the apps for our Italian users. Now users can easily switch and set the Italian language from the dashboard.

Push Notification Enhancement

  • Now we have made push notification message to be able to link to "Home" and "Messages" module itself.

Transactional Email distributions

  • We have upgraded and re-organized our email distributions channel.
  • We have also set a fall-back default email for an unverified merchant account. If merchant's email address is not verified, all the transactional email from the merchant's app will be sent from

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration at E-Store Module

Newly revamped shopping cart & checkout flow UI/UX improvements

  • From the ground up, we have totally revamped shopping cart & checkout flow user experience & design.
  • All the payment methods screen has been revamped from the ground up for faster checkout experience.

Newly revamped E-Store Manage Orders

  • E-Store Manage Orders page has been revamped for better UI/UX experience.
  • We have also implemented "Print" and "Download" invoice function at Manage Orders page.

Handle all the outgoing links from the app with In-app Browser

  • We have implemented in-app browser to handle all the outgoing links from the app. The in-app browser will automatically trigger when the links are opened and the user will stay within the app without being redirected.

Rich Content Editor Enhancements

  • We have implemented new features in the content editor to support more features of rich content. We have implemented these new features at all the modules which support rich content editor e.g. "About Us", "News", etc.
  • You may download the rich editor features updates guide here to learn more about the new features.

Support Portal

Version 3.8.2





Version 3.8.2 is a hotfix release.

Category Image Bug fix

  • In android devices, the first image of category images are not appearing sometimes. We have fixed it in this hotfix release.

Currency Bug Fix

  • When switching some of the currency types, calculated prices are displaying wrong. We have fixed it in this hotfix release.

French Language updates

  • We have fixed typo and translation in french language.

Event module time fix

  • We have fixed the time issue where sometimes shows null when correction is interrupted at the Event module.

Fanwall comment bug fix

  • We have updated Facebook library which caused the issues to post comment on fanwall module.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) upgrades

  • We have updated Google Cloud Platform API keys.

Version 3.8.1





Version 3.8.1 is a hotfix release.

Map Display Fix on some android devices

  • Some of the android devices have problems with the location pin and we have fixed these bugs in this hot release.

Header Logo Fix

  • Some of the template has a clashed with header logo. In this release, we have fixed the templates that having a problem with especially iPhone X and above devices.

Version 3.8.0





iOS 13 compatibility updates

  • We have upgraded our core iOS platform to support iOS13.

iPhone X and above devices compatibility updates

  • All of the modules screens have been updated to compatible with iPhone X and above devices.
  • We have also implemented notch support for iPhone X and above devices.

Android API level 28 compatibility updates

  • We have upgraded our core Android platform to support Android API level 28.

Android Go' and 'Android 9' devices compatibility updates

  • We have added the compatibility support for Android Go and 9 devices.

Rupiah currency display enhancement

  • We have removed decimal points for rupiah currency and added comma for every hundred.

WhatsApp integration at 'Contact Us' module

  • We have integrated WhatsApp call features at "Contact Us" Module. Now app creator can enter the WhatsApp mobile number to enjoy the features.

Shipping and Express shipping enhancement

  • We have revamped shipping methods at the E-store and Food ordering module for better user experience.
  • We have also made shipping and express shipping as optional for the merchants who don't require shipping options.

GST (Goods Service Tax) % enhancement

  • We have added the condition to hide GST (Goods Service Tax) % row if the product/order are not eligible for GST at "E-store" and "Food Ordering" module.

New background option for Home screen

  • We have implemented a "fill" and "contain" background image options at Home screen

Bottom menu loading Enhancement

  • We have optimized bottom menu loading in the app.

Map routing enhancement

  • We have optimized the map routing enhancement for better user experience.
  • Smart zoom level adjustment has been implemented based on the browsing device's width and height.
  • Current location and drop pin location has been improved for better user experience.

Upgrade versioning system

  • We have improved our versioning system for the platform and also released to the public for better visibility.
  • We have developed a new preview kit download page with the details of the changelog.